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"Always defend your right to heal at your own pace.
You are taking your time.
You are allowed to take your time."

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Adelaide Kane

Why would your sister want to steal a memory from you?
             Well, if I remembered the memory, I might be able to t e l l  y o u .

Because of S t i l e s ?

Desde las tierras nórdicas hacemos llegar hasta ti un importante mensaje del territorio de Tamriel solicitando tú ayuda con una promoción para este nuevo rp, tratamos de reclutar a cuantos guerreros se pueda, por favor nos vendría de mucha ayuda si pasas la voz.

Promo hecha, suerte.


Skyrim, también conocida como el Reino Antiguo o la Tierra Madre, es el hogar de los Nórdicos, una tierra llena de magia, donde las leyendas cobran vida y lo irreal se vuelve real.

Lamentablemente tenemos que recordar que no todas las leyendas hablan de hadas o elfos del bosque, otras más, también nos cuentan historias asombrosas y al mismo tiempo tenebrosas que conllevan guerra para después llegar a la paz.

"El gran dios dragón Alduin devorará el mundo empezando por Sovngarde, el lugar al que van destinadas las almas de los nórdicos honrados y honorables; y posiblemente nada podrá detenerlo. Pero también se menciona que un héroe llamado Dovahkiin, el Sangre de Dragón; derrotará a Alduin de una vez por todas."

  • Comunidad de Roleplay, basada en el popular juego de realidad virtual The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Look, there may have been a little maiming, okay, a little mangling, but no death. That’s what I call an important distinction.

In your opinion, when is the exact moment Percy begins to like Annabeth as more than a friend? And vise versa for Annabeth?
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Awesome question, and it can be interpreted differently by everyone.  

My opinion:

Annabeth first realized her crush on Percy during their conversation/bonding session in the zoo truck.  I think before then, she did like him as more than a friend, but sort of shoved the thought out of her mind- after all, he’s a son of Poseidon. 

For Percy?  It’s a lot harder to tell, and even I’m not sure when I think he knew.  Personally, I feel like he was always in love with Annabeth, right from their first quest.  I just think he was too dumb to even ponder the possibility that the great Annabeth Chase would ever love him.  When she starts throwing him major hints, I think he starts to view her in a different light.  So, probably around Battle of the Labyrinth?  Not really sure.  

The way I like to put it:  In his heart, Percy always knew he loved Annabeth.  It just took his brain a while to catch up.

I like to think that Annabeth was in a sort of denial of her feelings. Like she totally realized it during the zoo truck scene, but she was like “oh no way, NUPE, NOT DOING THAT” and buried down the feeling. I think the moment where she really lets go of all that is the Sirens scene in SoM. For the first time, Percy sees Annabeth at her weakest, her most vulnerable state. She discovers her fatal flaw and is heartbroken about how improbable her dream of a happy family and saving Luke feels. But Percy doesn’t say anything about that. He understands her. He doesn’t judge her. He just holds her because he knows that’s what she needs. They’re in this air bubble, holding each other in an intensely personal moment. She glances up at him with blurry,tear-soaked eyes and just like that, she knows she’s screwed. She likes this boy and there’s no going back. Oh, and they’re 13 years old at the time. 

Oh man yes. Until Annabeth really let go of her pretentious 'Percy is a son of Poseidon and I am a child of Athena and therefore better than him' attitude, she couldn’t start expressing her feelings. She starts to let go of that when she and Percy become friends, but its not until SoM, when she’s emotionally vulnerable with him for the first time, that its set in stone. After that she starts to drop little hints like the kiss on the cheek at the end of SoM and how she wants him to dance with her when TTC first opens. Percy was totally crushing on Annabeth from the moment he saw her pretty face and blonde princess curls. I mean hello the boy starts carrying her picture around with him at school after they part ways at the end of the summer and sneaks glances at it when he wants to smile—if that doesn’t scream ‘schoolboy crush’ then I don’t know what does. You have to keep in mind though, that there’s a difference between crushing and being in love and I don’t think either of them are actually in love until BotL-esque days.

Percy isn’t dumb. In fact I think he realizes he loves Annabeth before Annabeth realizes she loves Percy. In TTC, Percy almost loses her twice. Nico mistakes Annabeth as his girlfriend. Aphrodite literally sits his ass down in a limo and tells him he’s on a quest for true love. He brushes it off at the time with a sarcastic comment about how Helen and Paris did the same thing and started the Trojan War, but it sticks with him. Because much later, near the end of the book, he’s about to approach Annabeth about his feelings. Fandom forgets that’s what Percy was planning to do until Athena intervenes. She drops the bomb about his fatal flaw and threatens him with 'I do not approve of your friendship with my daughter' and by the time that’s over, any self-confidence he might’ve built up over thinking Annabeth likes him or he’s going to tell her how he feels crumbles and he settles with just slow dancing with Annabeth and being happy she’s alive and safe.

I think the moment Annabeth realizes she’s in love with Percy is when she thinks she’s going to lose him in BotL and she kisses him.

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